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Selected studies

Ravid, D. 1995. Language change in child and adult Hebrew: A psycholinguistic perspective. New York: Oxford University Press.

Ravid, D. & A. Avidor. 1998. Acquisition of derived nominals in Hebrew: Developmental and linguistic principles. Journal of Child Language, 25, 229-266.

Ravid, D. & L. Tolchinsky. 2002. Developing linguistic literacy: A comprehensive model. Journal of Child Language, 29, 419-448.

Ravid, D. & R. A. Berman. 2006. Information density in the development of spoken and written narratives in English and Hebrew. Discourse Processes, 41, 117-149.

Ravid, D. 2006. Semantic development in textual contexts during the school years: Noun Scale analyses. Journal of Child Language, 33, 791-821.

Ravid, D. & R. Schiff. 2009. Morpho-phonological categories of noun plurals in Hebrew: A developmental study. Linguistics, 47, 45-63.

Ravid, D. 2012. Spelling morphology: the psycholinguistics of Hebrew spelling. New York: Springer.

Ravid, D. & R. Schiff. 2012. From dichotomy to divergence: Number/gender marking on Hebrew nouns and adjectives across schoolage. Language Learning, 62, 133-169.

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