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My current research includes the following projects:

  • Input-output patterns in the acquisition of Hebrew root usage: A corpus-based psycholinguistic study (click here for details).
  • Development of complex syntax resources: A psycholinguistic study in schoolage children with different linguistic proficiencies (click here for details).
  • Handbook of Communications Disorders: Theoretical, Empirical, and Applied Linguistic Perspectives. De Gruyter (click here for details). This project is nearing completion! The Handbook is in production.
  • Peer talk analyses: A corpus of peer talk conversations among Hebrew-speaking children aged 2-8 years which has been the subject of several developmental psycholinguistic analyses (click here for details).
  • New Project recently launched: Hebrew binyan functions in early development. What are the sources of information available to young Hebrew-speaking children from CDS and from their own speech regarding the expression of high and low transitivity by verbs?
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